SXM Early Childhood Development Association

Project Name

Grant Amount (USD)

Implementation Period


Grocery and Activity program


November 18th 2020 – May 18th 2021

Day care centers / Afternoon school programs and activities

About the Project

Currently St. Maarten has approximately 25 daycare centers catering for 400-500children. Some of them also offer after school guidance for children in the age of 4-11. 

Both hurricane Irma and COVID-19 have heavily affected the  daycare centers. The loss of income by these organizations, which are dependent on the monthly fees paid by parents, creates a financial burden on these foundations. 

Despite these circumstances it is of great importance that the children receive the best care possible.

The projected amount is geared towards the purchase of groceries for all St. Maarten daycare centers, regardless membership of SECDA.  The groceries will assist the daycare centers in limited the costs of daily warm lunches.

Furthermore, each daycare center will be offered the opportunity to obtain the food handler certificate and all staff will be trained in the teaching of creative movement classes through a train-the-trainer program.

About the Organization

SECDA is the umbrella organization of St. Maarten’s independent daycare centers and was formally founded in 2014 although in existence before. The association receives partial government funding and supports the daycare centers through the organization of workshops and training sessions for the board, management and staff. At the time of the start of this project SECDA has 18 registered daycare members.