About“WE” R4CR

 “Alone we can do so little, together WE can do so much” Helen Miller

As Resources for Community Resilience, we prefer to talk about WE, as you, she, he and me, in other words as WE TOGETHER. The resources do not just reflect grants, but even more importantly also the  community and all the persons who implement the projects and those who benefit from the projects. Therefore we will depict all the teams who are taking the lead in this program expanding this profile page with a team picture of every new project that will be on-board.

R4CR Team in the Netherlands

Left to right: Eline Vermeer, Miriam de Mooij, Elger Vermeer

Elger Vermeer

Elger Vermeer is Senior Project Manager at VNG International and possesses over ten years of international project management experience. Elger has worked in a number of complex environments, including Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Indonesia and Montenegro. Elger is currently working on our international support projects on St Maarten, supporting the government in upgrading its disaster preparedness and management experiences after HurricaneIrma

Eline Vermeer

Eline Vermeer is Project Manager at VNG International for projects in Algeria and Iraq, as well as our Sustainable Development Goals campaign in Dutch municipalities. She has ample experience in St Maarten, where she has been involved in all aspects of VNG Internationals’ recovery programme that she has helped set up in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, and through which she has gained extensive knowledge of the Government of St Maarten and disaster preparedness on the island

Mirjam de Mooij

Mirjam de Mooij is project controller at VNG International HQ for different projects. She has extensive experience in financial controlling and has experience dealing with different donors, such as the World Bank, USAID and the EU and is familiar with the different guidelines and procedures of donors and ensures adherence to the corresponding requirements for each project. As project controller, Mirjam has the overall responsibility of the financial administration of projects.

R4CR Team in Sint Maarten

Left to right: Rolf Hunink, Steve Duzanson, Chi-Hing Roger-Yee, Jose Sommers

Rolf Hunink

Rolf Hunink is the local Team Leader on Sint Maarten for the R4CR program. After finishing a masters in human geography, Rolf started his professional career in 1984 in Indonesia focusing on environmental conservation. In later years (1985-1990) he worked for the International Labor Organization (ILO) on long-term basis in Ethiopia, Tanzania and Sudan and on short-term basis in multiple African countries. Between 1991 and 2012 he was involved in the European integration process of Central and Eastern European countries that applied for EU membership. More recently, in the period 2013-2019 he served as Team leader of a large World Bank administered grant scheme program in Ethiopia.

Steve Duzanson

Steve Duzanson is the deputy Team Leader for the R4CR program and has been working on St. Maarten since 1995. Steve has ample experience with both the business sector as the civil society dedicating the last two years after hurricane Irma to the Emergency Income Support and Training Program. He strongly believes in making the country more resilient through the strengthening of CSO's.

Chi Hing Roger-Yee

Chi Hing Roger-Yee is the Finance & Control Specialist on a part-time basis. She has over 12 years of experience in the auditing field. She has done audits for various foundations, schools and government entities. She will give advice to the organizations on their internal administration as well as provide any assistance for the preparation of the audit of the projects.

Jose Sommers

Jose Sommers works in this program as the part-time Capacity Strengthening & Training Manager. Through her 30 years of experience with St. Maarten education and civil society, she will play an important role in connecting the organizations and assisting them in the successful implementation of all projects.  Jose is also the founder and Director of Foresee Foundation, who partners with VNG International in this program.

R4CR Grant Recipients

Round 1 - Project teams of the 12 projects in round 1 with the R4CR team
Round 2 - Project teams of the 12 project in round 2  with the R4CR team


VNG International

VNG International is the International Co-operation Agency of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG), which is one of the strongest and oldest associations of local government in the world. VNG International is a medium sized, dynamic company managing around 40 projects and programmes with a focus on institutional capacity building and setting up international partnerships. Core of the work of VNG International lies in furthering sustainable partnerships between local and regional state and non-state actors, linking the local and regional level with national institutions, advocating regional communities’ interests vis-à-vis the central government level and facilitating learning through transnational information dissemination and exchange of good practices. These activities are based on over 20 years of experience in strengthening local authorities, NGOs, training institutes and Ministries in European, development and transition countries.  VNG International has been working on St Maarten in the context of the recovery and reconstruction efforts after hurricane Irma in 2017. Support provided include assistance to public authorities active in crisis and disaster management, and assistance in the context of the Building Back Better initiative.

Links:www.vng-international.nl https://www.vng-international.nl/st-maarten-st-eustatius-and-saba-resilience-and-recovery-leeward-islands

The St. Maarten Trustfund

The Recovery, Reconstruction and Resilience Trust Fund (SXM TF) was set up to respond to the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma in Sint Maarten on September 6, 2017. The SXM TF is a tripartite partnership of the Sint Maarten and Netherlands governments and the World Bank. The partners have put agencies in charge of the efforts: the Sint Maarten National Recovery Program Bureau, the Netherlands Ministry of Interior andKingdom Affairs, and the World Bank’s Caribbean Management Unit of the Latin America and the Caribbean Region. The SXM TF collaborates on projects with local partners including the local stakeholders in this R4CR program. The SXM TF is financed by the government of the Netherlands for up to 470 million euros, and is established for the benefit of the government and people of Sint Maarten.

Link: https://www.sintmaartenrecovery.org/

Foresee Foundation

''Communication, Collaboration, Creative and Critical Thinking’ are the four pillars that the Foresee Foundation leans on. Foresee Foundation, also known as the 4C-Foundation, was established in 2013 with a vision to bring 21st century learning to St. Maarten . The four ‘C’s represent the Foundation’s vision and also symbolize the importance of the skills needed for the 21st century in order to support St. Maarten’s  education and civil society with innovative programs and projects. NPOwer (empowering Non- Profits Organizations -NPOs)  is one of its latest projects. It started in 2019 with the aim to promote, connect and strengthen Civil Society Organizations.



St. Maarketing

St. Maarketing is a local media company and serves R4CR as the web developer and online technical support for www.r4cr.org. Lead Developer of the company Alston Lourens is no stranger to the CSO world, having served on many boards and within many projects on the island over the last 15 years.

With Media as his strong suit, St. Maarketing knows what CSO's need to do to get the word out and market their projects.