Stichting Justitiele Inrichtingen Bovenwinden (SJIB)

Project Name

Grant Amount (USD)

Implementation Period


Domestic Violence & Mediation (continuation)

February 1st 2022 - January 31st 2023

Psycho-social and emotional support

About the Project

This Round 2 project with a special focus on training and mediation will be continued in round 3. The goal is to strengthen the organizational capacity in reducing criminal cases in general, and domestic and gender-based violence cases more in particular. The mediation program, the first component, will expand with another 15 participants (group 2) where participants from both groups have received the core and extended training. Under the domestic violence component, the safe home training and mediation cases will be continued and extended as well. The other major and new component in round 3 is the improvement of the internal (stakeholders related to domestic violence and mediation) communication and the complete rebranding of SJIB.

About the Organization

SJIB is a private foundation subsidized by the Ministry of Justice from 2004. The services from SJIB to the Ministry of Justice are regulated in subsidy decree, namely to provide probation & parole, and family guardianship (child protection) service for St. Maarten.