Stichting EGO-NIA

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Healthy schools and communities


1 Mar - 31 Aug 2024

Day care centers / Afternoon school programs and activities

About the Project

Stichting EGO has embarked on a “healthy schools” project by helping schools secure high quality pre-owned playground and gymnastics equipment from the Netherlands for the purpose of use by schools and the National Institute of the Arts (NIA). They also work with schools to carry out a general health and motor skills test (BLOC) and design programs to monitor and improve the health of the children.

The collaborative effort will provide Stichting EGO with NIA’s knowledge in helping vulnerable kids who need support due to low scores on the BLOC test. These kids will be coached, given the opportunity of a “summer camp” to improve the test results and adjust life styles. 

Vice versa, Stichting EGO will help NIA source much needed pre-owned gym equipment to replace hurricane related damaged equipment and other equipment that is no longer considered safe to use. This will assist NIA to officially register the Gymnastics program to establish a recognized gymnastics club, allowing students to participate in competitions. NIA will provide the space to assist children with their motor skills.The main beneficiaries are the kids (50) who need extra support after the BLOC test and the students at NIA who will receive good quality school gym equipment sourced via EGO’s extensive network of donated pre-owned school gym equipment.

About the Organization

Stichting EGO was founded in 2003 and is focused on education and youth development. Their most visible program is the operation of afternoon school programs at four different locations which are all connected to Catholic Primary School and open to all St. Maarten children.

NIA is an interdisciplinary Arts Institution with the purpose of the foundation being to operate a nationally recognized institution of the performing and visual arts inclusive gymnastics and to guide the preservation, training, development and promotion of these art forms.

NIA engages in developing curricula, rendering performances, producing programs, organizing lectures, workshops and other types of meetings and events connected with the objectives.