Stichting Building Bridges Saving Lives (SBBSL)

Project Name

Grant Amount (USD)

Implementation Period


Building Bridges breaking boundaries


1 Mar - 31 Aug 2024

Gender Based Violence (GBV)

About the Project

The main goal of the project is to overcome language barriers preventing migrants and other vulnerable groups from accessing crucial services, essential information and securing comprehensive support in GBV cases and other issues related to sexual and reproductive health. The grant will be used to purchase the required materials, fund personnel and communication costs. The target group consists of approximately 200 persons from the different vulnerable communities such as the migrant Creole and Spanish speaking communities, sex workers, LBGTQIA+ persons etc.

About the Organization

Stichting Building Bridges Saving Lives (SBBSL) is a non-profit organization, recognized for its work in healthcare development for vulnerable populations.

SBBSL’s focus is GBV and raising awareness of STDs and sexual violence in vulnerable groups such as migrants, sex workers and the LBGTQ+ communities.