St. Maarten Senior Citizens Recreational Foundation

Project Name

Grant Amount (USD)

Implementation Period


Rest Rooms, Windows, Hurricane Shutters = RRWHS


November 18th 2020 – May 18th 2021

Community Councils / Neighborhood Initiatives

About the Project

The main aim of the project is to renovate and refurbish part of the building which suffered from hurricane Irma and to make it hurricane and burglary proof. The renovation will be addressed in several stages. During this first stage, the windows will be repaired and provided with bars and hurricane shutters to make it better resistant to external incidents. If completed successfully and in line with the planning process, additional renovation activities could be subject of a future project proposal.

About the Organization

The function of the recreational center at Hope Estate is to provide an opportunity to senior citizens, being a member, to socialize with fellow elderly citizens at different moments. On public holidays and other special days, joint meals are organized to stimulate interaction between elderly members. Other social events organized are indoor and outdoor gaming. The foundation has a building that used to be suitable for organizing events but suffered severely from hurricane Irma. Once renovated, the facility can also be rented out to external parties in order to generate additional income.