St. Maarten Animal Welfare Foundation and Animal Defenders (SAW)

Project Name

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Spay it forward


March 2023 – February 2024

Nature and environment (re-upcycling) and animal welfare activities

About the Project

St. Maarten Animal Welfare Foundation has teamed up with Animal Defenders to launch a major spay and neuter campaign on the island with the goal of sterilizing 1,000 cats and dogs.

The stray animal population has exploded since hurricane Irma and during the pandemic many more strays were spotted than before. Stray and homeless animals in Sint Maarten are not only a blight on the landscape, but also affect public health and the environment. Spilled garbage from foraging animals creates disease as well visual disarray. Large numbers of distressed and feral animals are a black mark on the island’s reputation as a top tourist destination and these animals are at an increased risk of being subjected to animal cruelty.

About the Organization

104,748.00104,748.00The St. Maarten Animal Welfare Foundation is a non-profit organization which promotes the humane treatment of animals.  With a wonderful team of volunteers and the invaluable support of local veterinarians, we are constantly developing new ways to address and fund animal welfare on our island.

To address existing problems the Animal Welfare Foundation has, since 1996, operated and funded a neighborhood outreach program whereby our volunteers respond to animal emergencies and offer free taxi of pets to local vets for residents without transportation.  The volunteer team also treats mange in the community for people unable to provide care for their pets as well as collects unwanted animals for adoption.

Animal Defenders is a similar non-profit organization which promotes humane treatment of animals.  They focus on homeless animals, helping to feed and sterilize them.