Mental Health Foundation (MHF)

Project Name

Grant Amount (USD)

Implementation Period


Therapy Kitchen


March 2023 – February 2024

Psycho-social and emotional support

About the Project

The target group in this project consists of persons from the admissions service, Faraja Center and the guided living program. The admissions clients targeted are those who are transitioning from care back into the community. The Faraja clients are those who are doing life and social skills training to participate in society. Guided living clients are those being trained to recover their lost skills. The Therapy Kitchen will facilitate assessments and interventions to support recovery of the different clients and groups. Cooking interventions have been shown to improve self-confidence, self-esteem, socialization, low mood and quality of life in general.

This project will install a fully equipped Therapy Kitchen with dining furniture in a room of approximately 22 square meters. The room will be able to accommodate 8 persons per session. The project also includes food-handlers certification for relevant staff.

About the Organization

Mental Health Foundation provides the most relevant psychiatric care services to the population of St. Maarten and neighboring islands. Its mission includes prevention to mitigate as much as possible the negative impact of mental disorders on individual’s wellbeing and on society.