Home Away From Home (HAFH)

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Transportation as a necessity for HAFH


1 Mar - 31 Aug 2024

Poverty relief

About the Project

Many senior citizens become lonely and depressed, because they no longer work, or have a regular routine to keep themselves going, their social life diminishes due to persons around them becoming frail, ill and regularly passing away. Oftentimes their families are far away or do not have the time available to spend with them.
This project aims to regularly organize activities for approximately 100 seniors keeping them physically, mentally and socially active, increasing their quality of life.

The grant will fund breakfast-linked activities, health care awareness sessions and an Easter picnic for the 100 seniors.

About the Organization

The HAFH is a foundation that has a membership of 100+ seniors who are meeting at the John Larmonie Center every week on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.  The foundation has a membership-based structure which gives them the opportunity to see each other regularly and participate in a variety of activities.