GBNM Nanny Nurssy Foundation (NNF)

Project Name

Grant Amount (USD)

Implementation Period


Storage Project


1 Sep 2023 – 30 Apr 2024

Poverty relief

About the Project

This foundation helps needy, homeless, sick, less fortunate and elderly people by providing food, clothing and personal care. This assistance often takes place at the foundation’s headquarters where they receive help, care, goods and can stay for short periods. The foundation receives many donations and is in need of a covered area and space to receive clients and store items safely. The grant will be used to build an outdoor storage facility that is clean, safe and has easy access.

About the Organization

Nanny Nurssy is famous on the island because she provides support to needy people already for over 35 years. As she is getting aged, the initiative must continue. Therefore a foundation was set up and with the support of its board and volunteers. NNF has expanded in the provision of food, clothing and personal care services.