Enhanced Living Foundation (ELF)

Project Name

Grant Amount (USD)

Implementation Period


Enhanced Living 2023


1 Sep 2023 – 30 Apr 2024

Psycho-social and emotional support

About the Project

Enhanced Living Foundation supports elderly, physically and mentally challenged persons by assisting them with daily chores. The grant will be used to cover the costs of the project coordinator and home care support assistant. This will help the foundation to (re)launch its activities and cater to a growing number of persons dependent on outside assistance. 

The main beneficiaries of this project are the 25 persons who are expected to make use of the services.

About the Organization

Enhanced Living foundation aims to help more people to live at home longer thereby helping them to maintain their independence as long as possible and keeping the assisted living facility (that has a long waiting list) from overcrowding.

The pending collaboration with WYCCF Foundation will help the foundation become sustainable in the long run.