Carib Swim Team

Project Name

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Re-building champions for life


1 Mar - 31 Aug 2024

Sports and recreational activities and facilities

About the Project

In this project, Carib Swim Team plans to acquire new swimming equipment for both existing and new members. The new equipment is essential to replace outdated gear and ensure alignment with current training methods. Specifically designated for the Learn2Swim program (swimming lessons) and the competitive team (athletes), these tools will enhance skill development and training effectiveness.Additionally, the club aims to boost its membership by initiating lifestyle and health improvement programs within the swimming pool. The objective is to encourage the community to embrace a more active lifestyle, fostering both physical and mental well-being.

About the Organization

Carib Swim Team is a full-service swimming organization, offering the swimming lessons and competition programs on the island for both adults and children. 

The club aims to teach every child and adult in Sint Maarten how to swim competently and confidently, and to instill a life-long love of the sport and activity of swimming. They currently service over 650 people per year, with nearly 450 being children in the learn-to-swim lessons programs.