Animal Defenders St Maarten Foundation

Project Name

Grant Amount (USD)

Implementation Period


Spay & Neuter Campaign


November 18th 2020 – May 18th 2021

Community Councils / Neighborhood Initiatives

About the Project

The main aim of the project is to continue organizing a spay/neuter vaccination program, supported by veterinarians on Sint Maarten to keep the problem of stray pets under control. Following hurricane Irma, many people who left the island, left their pets abandoned. The problem of stray pets became a serious problem tackled by ADF. To achieve a lasting solution, a spay/neuter and vaccination campaign will be launched to make the problem manageable. The project needs minor equipment to catch pets and will invest in education and information material to increase awareness among the population of Sint Maarten.

About the Organization

‘Caring for animals is a credible component of providing care to people, because the needs of animals are inevitably linked to the needs of people’. This slogan forms the basis for the operations of the Animal Defenders Foundation (ADF). With positive and friendly information actions and approaches, ADF tries to make the population of Sint Maarten more aware on how to deal with the issue of stray dogs and cats. A feeding and spay/neuter and vaccination campaign has to make sure that the stray pet population is kept under control and the nuisance decreases. Plenty of volunteers are involved in the program on a day-to-day basis.