Frequently Asked Questions

Questions received following the R4CR Information of 31 August – 3 September

Can a CSO, who is also a member of a larger umbrella organization, apply twice for funding?

The PIU clearly prefers umbrella organizations to submit an application on behalf of all its members. Thisdoes not mean that individual organizations cannot submit a proposal but the chances to succeed are lsslikely.

Can you clarify the following?
1) The nature of the audit requested 2)The qualifications of the auditor 3)The scope of the audit 4)The timing of the audit

Nature of the audit:
We are currently still collecting information which audit instrument is the most feasible one for this first quick win round. So the exact nature of the audit will be communicated once we have adequate information.
Qualifications of the auditor:
All documents to be audited need to be performed by a registered and certified auditor in accordance with international audit standards.
Scope of Audit:
Auditing will focus on only those transactions that have been made under the current Quick Win project. 
Timing of Audit:
The audit will be performed immediately after finalization of the project (in this case latest six months after contract signing) and completed maximum one month later.

Can I submit more than one project per round?

No you cannot submit more than one project proposal per round of application. For this first quick win round you can only submit ONE proposal. In case an organization is involved in the submission of multiple proposals, ALL proposals will be considered ineligible.

Can I apply for funding in more than one round?

Yes you can. This means that over the R4CR program period (2020-2024), you can theoretically submit 7 times a project proposal.

Can I apply for a grant when I have my own small business?

No this program is strictly intended for Civil Society Organizations (non-profit entities).

We have an organization (e.g. PTA, club), but we are not yet registered as an official foundation or association. Are we eligible for a grant in this project?

No, you are not eligible. In case you manage to register your organization, you can apply in one of the next rounds.

What does the request for clarification mean?

Clarification means that questions following the information sessions organized by the PIU and related to the first Quick Win round can be forwarded to the PIU (Project Implementation Unit, meaning the R4CR project management team) in writing. The PIU will answer these questions and publish the answers on the R4CR Website. From the point of view of transparency, questions and answers will be made visible to ALL potential applicants.

Do I have to include pro-forma quotes together with my financial proposal (Budget)?

At this stage of the process your organization does not have to submit pro-forma notes or quotations. This will be the case once project implementation has started.

What is the maximum amount that can be requested in the first two ‘Quick Win’ rounds?

The maximum amount your organization can request for the first quick win round is US$ 50,000. However this does not mean that you always have to go for the maximum. Applications which include a budget that is below US$ 50,000 will be taken into consideration as well. For the second quick win round, to be organized at a later stage, the maximum amount will be again US$ 50,000.